Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"What I love about today."

As you would expect from Jenny, when I asked her for an update for her blog she started listing things she loves about today. Gotta love that girl!

She loves the chocolate protein shakes brought by CL. She has had no appetite and a hard time eating. (I do hear she was also able to also eat half a cheeseburger and some pad Thai, which is great news.) She's craving fresh fruit but she can't have it due to bacterial concerns, but she can eat Clementines if someone peels them for her. (She didn't specify if that means they have to be delivered peeled or what, so email her before you send her a carton full of them!)

She loves her paper chain her roommates made for her to count down her 22 days of chemo. She has 20 days left-- Today she did her second round. It hasn't made her quite as sick as she had expected (she's yet to toss her cookies-- wahoo!), which is hopefully a sign of how she'll feel in the future with further treatment.

"I love my afternoon walk!"

She is loving her doctors and nurses and says they are the greatest. She describes them as a whole team, with groups of doctors for all of her different needs and she is so grateful to them all.

Her blood levels are going back down, which is to be expected. She will probably have more blood transfusions tonight or tomorrow, which usually boosts her energy.

And, of course, she mentioned how blessed she is for the outpouring of love she's receiving from so many people. I told her it's fitting, since she always takes care of so many people.

We love you, Jenny!


Sheila said...

Nice Zotero T-shirt, Jenny! Way to plug CHNM products even while in the hospital.

Kelly said...

Jenny, thank you for keeping a blog. I think about you every day and wonder how you are, so this is wonderful.
I'm praying so much for you, what a diagnosis to get after a month of feeling tired...wowzers! I'm so glad that you started treatment right away and I am keepin' the faith for ya!

Laura said...

I want to know what the other things are that Jenny loved about the day! :) LOVE that attitude. (I also noted the Zotero t-shirt, ha ha, pretty cool.) Love you Jenny! Be tough!

Andrew & Vanessa and kids said...

Thank you for keeping this blog. You are in EVERY prayer, and it's so great to read about your progress.
The Croshaw family loves you VERY much!