Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Update

Jenny had a pretty good Sunday. She didn't get any chemo, just an infusion of white blood cells to boost her counts, which had fallen to a dangerously low 0.5 (instead of the seven to nine that they should be). She felt so good that she took not just one but TWO walks around her floor today. I'm sure she'll be training for a marathon again in no time!

Jenny's fabulous friend Debbie was visiting from out-of-town this weekend and spent most of her time with Jenny (leaving her husband to take care of the kids in the hotel room--awesome). Here are Katie and Debbie visiting our girl. (Not sure why it's so small. Click it to get a full-screen view.) Thanks to Anais for the cool panoramic pic.

Other good news from today:
  • Jenny's kidneys are once again functioning at 100%. Woot woot! She no longer requires the services of her nephrologists.
  • Jenny learned that she does NOT have the Philadelphia chromosome, which is a big relief and will help the doctors fine tune her chemo/treatment as they proceed.

When she wasn't visiting with friends or doing laps around the hospital, Jenny dug into The Hunger Games. In fact, she's nearly finished with it and on the look-out to borrow the second book in the series later this week. Anyone have a copy to lend her?

Stay tuned for more pictures and keep those comments and visits coming! Big hugs to you, Jenny!!


Arian Goodman Johnson said...

Hooray for all the great health news today! And what beautiful, fun quilts - you know I don't even sew on buttons that fall off shirts, so I am happy you have so many friends who are talented in that department. Way cool. Thanks for sharing the updates, it helps me feel not quite so far away. Lots of hugs from me and the boys! We love you so much, Jenny.

Lesli said...

Thank you to the blogger who is keeping us up to date! Your journaling is superb and the updates much appreciated. We feel very far away.

Jenny, keep fighting the good fight. You will find strength you didn't know you had, from a source you know so very well. We are praying for you many times every day and I am motivated to perfect a chicken enchilada recipe. Hmmm...

I love you so much! A. Lesli

Rachel said...

I have the 2nd book!

Tiffany said...

Great post! And as I just texted Jenny and Marni, I have all 3 Hunger Games books for Reeder consumption!

Laurel said...

this picture makes me SO happy. What a stylish room. LOVE IT!