Friday, November 19, 2010

scratch that - nothing is normal.

Today was a rough one for Jenny. Please send lots of prayers her way.

Here's a recap:

The day started out on the wrong foot with a night of little-to-no sleep. First, a nurse was late bringing her the evening dose of medications and antibiotics. Then, the TV button broke and needed to be replaced. After that was fixed, her light wouldn't turn off - so they had to replace that button as well. What little sleep she did get was not quite restful, because of a stuffed nose. The main she is feeling is in her nose/sinuses because of the infections she has.

Speaking of infections, the day did not get any better when she learned that her PICC line needed to be removed because of them (the infections). This fact has caused the most tears, which she insists are really because she's so tired. As usual, Jenny explains that even though she is not happy that it needed to be removed, it is really a good thing. Though they will have to "poke" her every time she needs an injection or to draw blood, (causing more bruising than normal), this does mean she will have a three day reprieve from Chemo, which they will do again when the PICC is replaced in three days.

Jenny told me that her friends M & J were there to distract her and tell her funny stories while the PICC was removed. She was so grateful for that!

She is worried about her insurance situation. It seems that she could make some changes that might help, but it would put her "student" status at risk, and that may cause her to loose her fellowship. Our bishop has assured her that he will figure it out.

This evening, things were looking up. She ate pasta today and was craving pizza this evening. Her sister just arrived in town from Denver, bearing pictures of Jenny's nephews and nieces. One thing she has missed most while in the hospital is that she cannot be around children. She has loved the letters, drawings and videos her little friends have sent to her the last two weeks.

The doctor has told her to expect the next 10 - 14 days to be the worst of the treatment. Although, as reported yesterday, the leukemia is gone (along with all of her blood cells), Jenny is really worried about what is going to grow back. She says this process is simply exhausting.

Jenny wanted to reassure everyone that she gets every email, Facebook message and card - and REALLY appreciates every one of them. She apologizes that she can't respond to all of them. Please know that she is receiving them and that they are helping her.


Lynn said...

It was great to see you today, Jenny. You look wonderful, and we're so glad that our "GMU power" brought you a smile! I hope you enjoyed your pizza. We miss you at Mason!!
Lynn :-)

Blondie said...

My google reader button might as well say "REEDER" now because that is the only reason I've been checking it so faithfully lately. I love reading these updates. I think of you every day and am so inspired by your attitude.
I love you girl! You're in my prayers.