Saturday, November 13, 2010

Warmth and Sunshine!

Its very apparent when you are near Jenny's hospital room, there is just joy and love seeping out from under the door!

This weekend Jenny's room has had some out-of-town-guest-love, her Aunt and a dear friend, DW, in addition to her sweet mom, are bringing extra joy to the hospital room.

I am sure you all know that Jenny has mad-good sewing skills and is always making aprons or quilts for others. Well, bring on the quilters who are out in force to return the sewing-love and to take care of Jenny! DW, who drove down from Ohio, brought with her a beautiful quilt she made for Jenny (above photo), it is the perfect addition to add warmth and love to Jenny's life!

Last weekend some other friends pulled together fabric, sewing machines and love to make a bright and cheery quilt for her. Others pitched in to drive the quilt to the quilter, watch kids, sew on the binding and buy supplies. Truly a team effort! She gets cold after her treatments and so both quilts are perfect (and if there are any other quilts in the works please don't be deterred, they can happily be put in rotation).

A few other tidbits from Jenny's life:
  • Other patients and nurses have come to take a tour of Jenny's well decorated hospital room
  • Jenny has not met any of her neighbors, but she is the youngest on the floor by 30 years
  • For lunch she had a gourmet burger with grilled onions, thanks DW!
  • One highlight from today was a phone call from an old Bishop who is currently a mission President in Japan
  • Make sure to ask Jenny about the, and I quote, "sweaty-tooth-mad-man"
  • Jenny loves that she can still shower by herself...but do not interrupt her while she is blow-drying her hair. This morning she told her Dr to come back later, after her hair was done!
  • Visitors who break out into spontaneous dance and cheer moves are deeply loved! (Dance moves are not required to visit, though, check with SS in advance in case this does become a requirement at a later date)
  • The love from all of you is evident and heart-warming!


Jennifer said...

Well you sure look great for going through hell. leave it to you to be gorgeous through this process.

Can't wait to paint your toes... 11 more days or something like that.

Love you JR!!


Holly Sanders said...

Jenny---this is so amazing! What a great support system you have. I have been reading comments on FB, and your blog and I'm so glad you are so well taken care of! I tried to call your mom last Sunday when I first heard about it. Of course she wasn't there, so if she gets home and sees a cell phone from Pennsylvania, that was mE! I've only been out of PA for 4 years now--do you think I should change my #??? You are probably the most positive person I know. I've heard that being positive through difficult situations like these help a person get well rather than a person being depressed and negative. I'm sure feelings of sadness are normal, but I know you're a tough cookie! You are in my prayers! I called Laura and told her since she's not on FB. Hang in there Lady! Love ya! Holly Busco By the way, you look great! I haven't seen you in soooooo long! You really do look awesome!

Laura said...

I love these updates. I check it every day and your FB page, too. Thanks to your friends who are keeping us all updated and informed. I LOVE those quilts!!! And, I'm so happy folks are returning the sewing awesomeness that you've given to others (including me). You look amazing, and I'm so happy to see the pictures of you. Pretty envious of that burger (nothing like that around here, you know), sounds fantastic, and I'm so glad you're able to eat like that. Much love and hugs, Laura

Welcome to Lulu's life. said...

Love reading the updates. You have such an amazing positive attitude Jenny!
Love the quilts! Although I'm still waiting for the interprative dance video my dear sister told me she was posting for you.
Keep up the good spirits!

kimi + joe said...

Beautiful quilts for a beautiful girl. May you be always toasty and know you are loved. We're sending all our best, Jenny!