Monday, November 22, 2010


You know that scene in THE WIZARD OF OZ where Dorothy can't stay awake in the field of poppies? She has no choice but to sleep and the sleep comes easily?

Well, that's what we need for our Reeder.
She so desperately wants to be able to get some good rest so she can get some strength back. And we need to pray...for sleep.

Today was "relatively better" (so much of this is all relative, isn't it?)

The CT Scan was the easiest thing she has yet experienced. 3 minutes and it was done. They confirmed she has sinusitis (my apologies to the good spellers out there) but it's a lot better today. It's tender but she can breathe.

She watched a little GILMORE GIRLS that explains a lot of what made the day better (who can't benefit from a little bit 'o Lorelei?) and her mom is still there and that's just such a blessing.

Visitors have slowed down and Jenny is actually grateful for that. It's just so tiring. But, she knows she is loved and prayed for and is so grateful for everyone's thoughts and kind deeds.

And now we just need to pray for the best night's sleep she's had in a long time.
God can do that.
He can put her in a little field of poppies and help her sleep tonight.

Pray that He will.


Welcome to Lulu's life. said...

Get some much needed rest. We're praying for the Sandman to come your way tonight.

Emily said...

Praying poppies your way, Jenny!

C said...

Sleep prayers coming your way. And grace and strength and peace, too.

Love you.

dan said...

Sweet Jenny-

My heart is breaking right now with this news! Such fond, fond memories of a dear friend--Farrer Junior High, Orchestra, Timpview etc. With your amazing optimistic attitude you can kick this cancer! My thoughts and prayer are with you as you weather the storm. If I weren't on the other side of the nation in San Francisco I'd be there to help you!

Julie (Call) Doxey