Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pollyanna & Friends

Today is not my day to give the official Jenny update, however I wanted to share some photos I just got. When Sue and I went to see Jenny last Thursday night, we were delighted to be joined by our mutual friend Nicole, who used to live in our neighborhood and now lives in Southern Maryland. She was passing through town on a road trip with her family and stopped in to see Jenny.

Nicole is a skilled photographer and took several pictures of Jenny's designer room. To complement Ashley's decorations, one of Jenny's friends (was it Rachel?) hung three gorgeous "crystal balls" in front of the window, tied with brown satin ribbon.

Not only are these crystal balls elegant, they also remind Jenny of the film, "Pollyanna," in which Pollyanna talks about the way the sun refracts through her aunt's crystal chandelier to make rainbows in the room--one of the many ways Pollyanna sought and saw the good in every situation. Jenny is certainly an example of having a positive, Pollyanna-ish attitude even in the midst of this trial.

Here are a few shots of Ashley's handiwork, showcasing the warm fall colors outside.

Ashely deftly mixed elements from art and nature to create an inviting space that reminds Jenny and all who visit her of the beauty that surrounds us, the abundance of our lives, and the importance of our faith in the Savior.

The twinkling white lights next to the window give the room a cozy, even magical, feel, making it a little easier to believe in miracles while you're there.

Sue and I were definitely the LEAST decorative elements in the room that night! Nevertheless, we were grateful to spend some time with Jenny and Nicole.


Laurel said...

thanks for sharing the pictures.

Michael R. said...

Hey Jenny. We're pulling and praying for you. Hang in there!

Mike Hicks

Jennifer said...

looks like the perfect place to celebrate T-day. Can't wait. xoxo

Rachel said...

I wish I could claim the hanging crystal balls, but it wasn't me... the hunt is on! Thanks for posting these, Marni!