Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Inspiring Strength

Last night was a tough night for Jenny.  She doesn't feel nausea constantly but suddenly it hits and she loses lunch.  This morning she had no appetite.  The caregivers wanted to beat it this morning, so they've been trying different anti-nausea drugs.  She's on Compezine now and it seems to work but really wipes her out -- so much that she missed the beloved shower this morning, but was able to get it in in the afternoon and felt much better.  Other than this morning having no appetite, she has been able to eat well and has occasional cravings.  Today it was for sweet potato fries, so her mom ran out to get them.

The caregivers discovered today that Jenny has an infection.  They can't figure out where it is, but know she has one because she has a fever.  The steroids also make it difficult to determine where the infection is.  She says she thinks it might be sinuses because her nose really hurts.

Yesterday Jenny didn't feel up to blow-drying her hair.  The nurse came in and told her it looked like she was already losing her hair.  It was just because it didn't look as full and lovely as usual.  :)  The new hair cut will probably be tomorrow.  Can't wait to see it! 

Everyone at school is super understanding and keeps telling Jenny not to worry about her status and her TA work.  But this frustrates Jenny, she just wants to know what's going on with her status, insurance, etc. and how it's all going to work out.

Tonight is Ward Council.  Jenny is hopeful that she can attend via web-cam, unless she has a doozy of a night like last night.

Yesterday and today were tough.  Pray for Jenny to feel better.  And Jenny, you keep inspiring us with your strength and positive attitude!  :)  You remind me of the LDS hymn Carry On (text by Ruth May Fox) . . .
Firm as the mountains around us,
Stalwart and brave we stand
On the rock our fathers planted
For us in this goodly land --
The rock of honor and virtue,
Of faith in the living God. 
They raised his banner triumphant --
Over the desert sod . . .
Carry on, carry on, carry on!


Melannie said...

Is there anything I can send Jenny via mail from Utah?? She is an, "Inspiring Strength"~ I have some ideas for the Nausea~ everyone is different but things that helped me were: traditional popsicles(NOT SUGAR FREE), Ginger lotion(rub on chest and arms), cinnamon sticks(jolly ranchers) and putting a cold pac on the back of your neck.
Praying for you Jenny!!

Melannie said...

I am logged in my PTA account..opps!
the last comment was from Tonya Nelson(her crazy roommate from yrs ago)

Emily said...

Thinking of you and praying for you, Jenny Reeder!

Artsy Aut said...

Love you jenny! Im thinking about you all the way out here in the Pacific!

Anonymous said...

God is great. think for him. Jenny will get well soon. care for her. wishes are near.

Benjamin Fleming

Stella said...

Thanks for all the updates. Love you Jenny Reeder!!!