Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 7

I'll be honest. I accepted the invite to blog for Jenny for purely selfish motives.
I wanted to secure the chance to talk to her every week and hear her voice.
And I think talking to her this morning did me more good than her (that's pretty classic Reeder, don't you think?)

I found out about everything that first weekend in November via txt messages. I was working an event and she was in the hospital. But, even over texts, my heart was in Virginia. And it has been every day.

I was just telling Jenny that because I'm connected to her through several groups of friends (or rather because I'm connected to several groups of friends BECAUSE of her), that I have a rare chance to see all the things people are trying to do, wanting to do, planning to do.

Is there a girl more loved than Jenny Reeder?
If there is, I do not know her.

SO...on with the update of Day 7 (and we'll see how good my journalism skills are...if I got this all correct).

First of all, Jenny sounds great and that made my heart happy.
So great that when she told me about her steroid treatment (daily pills to make her organs strong). She said there weren't any side effect but that her face is getting puffy. She said people tell her that her face ISN'T getting puffy. And she just wants to say, "Shut up, jerks!" That made me laugh right out loud (so even if her face ISN'T getting puffy...maybe just play along with her...grin).

One good thing about the steroids is that her appetite came back. In fact, yesterday she was randomly craving chicken enchiladas but then Reeder realized she was in Virginia and asked, "Where in the world am I going to find normal chicken enchiladas here?"
There is one Mexican restaurant that she loves but has only had their fajitas. She called a friend who called a friend and was assured this place had good chicken enchiladas. But, they came. And Jenny tried them go.
Happily, her Home Teacher is making some for her and bringing them today.

Tomorrow (Day 8) is a big chemo day that will likely wipe her out. It's a drug she has had before but it's the drug that will likely make her hair fall out. A friend is going to come and give her a cute little pixy cut in preparation. I don't know about you but I think if ANYONE can pull off a new look, it's Reeder. Petite people always can pull of a new look.

She is overwhelmed by the love and prayers and support. But, that's what happens when things like this happen. You find out who YOU really are through the way people are moved into action because of the impact and influence you have on them.
And I for one am REALLY grateful for Jenny's impact and influence on me.

(this picture was taken way too long ago...but it makes me happy.)

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