Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A New Look for Fall

You know that Jenny Reeder, she's always been a little avant-garde. Years ago, when she and I were bunkmates in London we shared a tragic hair appliance experience. It was our first morning in town and I wanted to look my best. (Chuck & Di were on the outs . . .) So I plugged in my hair dryer. I turned it on, it made a scary noise and then exploded. It's too bad that we hadn't yet realized that you can't plug American appliances straight into the wall and expect them to work.

Jenny Reeder (as that is what I will always call her, not Jenny but JennyReeder, like it's Southern or something) had confidence in her curling iron. She plugged it in and it sounded normal. Hooray! Then she grabbed her bangs and began curling. Unfortunately, the curling iron also grabbed her bangs - and didn't let go. "I just burned off my bangs!" became one of my favorite London memories. We all learned from that experience, from Jenny Reeder's great attitude and enjoyed watching the bangs grow back. They did, you know, and they looked fantastic!

Jenny Reeder and the author of this post posing after their Hwat Chawcholate Tawk skit at the, ahem, "talent" show. Look how great her bangs look a few months after the famous curling iron incident! By the way, we are stuffed with extra clothes, not just with the Fred Bread.

Jenny is going for a new look tonight. Once again it's not entirely her choice but she will rock her new look. Tonight she's having a celebration by shaving off her old hair and starting fresh. Has she been looking forward to this? Um, no. But that Jenny Reeder has been having a lot of pretty exciting experiences lately. Why not one more?

Here are some other exciting updates:
  • Jenny Reeder has some new blood! Yeah!
  • She also has a bunch of new platelets! Also yeah! Today her platelet count is 44. Normal is 100 but at least it's not 10 anymore.
  • Her protein count is very low. To help her get it back up her mom went to Ted's Montana Grill and brought her a big steak. She told me she's going to also help raise her protein levels with some delicious Ensure. "At least it's chocolate," she quipped.
  • More big news - she slept last nigh! The doctor upped her Ambien dosage and it worked!
  • Jenny Reeder was STANDING as I talked to her this afternoon! She also sounded so much better than I had imagined. She still feels pretty crummy but being able to stand is a big deal.
  • She's had some lucid moments lately and has been able to do some Sudoku and just finished the Hunger Games trilogy.
That's the scoop for tonight. Send a few extra prayers her way when you read this. We all love her and want her better soon. Congratulations to JR on being a trendsetter with this new look!


Laurel said...

Her name has ALWAYS been JennyReeder. It's like "cher". Just one name ;)

And yes, rock it she will.

Praying. Praying. Praying.

(great update. THANKS!)

M said...

Jenny, I'm so proud of you for facing this experience head on, with characteristic Jenny Reeder spunk and no-holds-barred attitude! I'm sure you totally rock the new hair-free look (think how quick and easy to get ready in the morning!) just like you rock everything else in life. I'm also really glad to hear you had a little more energy today.

Can't wait to see you and the new 'do on Thursday!


the girl said...

i love that she is JENNYREEDER (one word) to all those that love her. and i am also a fan of LITTLELEEDLE (also one word!)

you gotta love a girl that is so big and wonderful that she HAS to go by both her names!

i love you you girl. praying. praying. and praying for you.

C said...

I am pretty sure the Ambien worked but I know that about a billion prayers were telling that doctor to up that dose last night so Jenny could sleep. I bet we're all still praying for rose petals to come for her.

amy smart said...

Maybe your hair will grow in curly and you'll never have to get a perm again! Not that any of us ever want to get a perm again . . .

May you have another good night of sleep. I missed talking to you today, but I was thinking of you!

Ark said...

I've always known that it was JennyReeder, one word. The more platelets, the better I always say.