Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday update with Jenny part deux

I had the supreme privilege to talk to Jenny from all the way out in Utah today.  Today was a rough day of cancer-fighting our superhero friend, but she was her usual Jenny-self and it made me feel happy to talk to her. She was feeling especially happy about the red velvet slippers a wonderful friend had sent. (Thank you wonderful friend whose name I forgot to write down! Your red velvet slippers are LOVED!)

Some things I learned from Jenny today that other Jenny-followers might want to know:

  • Home Teachers are capable of making wonderful chicken enchiladas. She was so happy to have those delicacies and so pleased to eat them last night.
  • She is still holding onto her hair.  Hoping for another week or two at least.
  • A school colleague came to help her finish filling out her Fellowship application that was due yesterday. Yay! Good news that the application is done.
  • Yesterday she received another dose (? please pardon my lack of proper medical jargon knowledge - I'm one of those people who majored in Humanities in college) of platelets and didn't have an allergic reaction this time. Good news! When she's had an allergic reaction in the past she's dealt with hives and needed a ton of Benadryl which, you can imagine, knocks her out.
  • Today was the first day the anti-nausea medicine didn't work. Not fun. While the anti-nausea medicine means she can consume food (like the aforementioned chicken enchiladas) it has side-effects of it's own such as making her cold and sluggish. (Did I get that right JR?)
  • I also learned that "Acute" in Jenny's diagnosis means the Leukemia came on really suddenly. Her doctor told her a blood test just a couple of months ago would have shown no signs of her current condition.
Jenny - it was so good to talk to you today. I hope I didn't slaughter the daily update.  Next time I will take more careful notes. As you're all well aware, Jenny is one of the most amazing people I know.  If there's a person on this planet who can kick this, it's her. 
Our friendship goes back 17 years to when we met as flat-mates on Study Abroad in London.  And since I don't have a good current shot to share (other than the fancy Ruby Red-velvet Slippers) I thought it would be fun to share one of Jenny when I first knew her, doing a stellar Druid impression. She's a woman of many gifts and talents, that girl. I sure do love her.


Vicki said...

Oh Jenny... praying for you in this difficult time. I hope you have a good day today.

Boyd Family said...

Jenny, I don't really think we made the connection that you and I both know Jennie Wirrick, did we?? Small stinkin' little mormon world we live in. You look fab and every time you put those cute slippers on you can think to yourself, "There's no place like home." Just close your eyes and click your heels together and you're that much closer. TVB!