Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Thanksgiving Wishes

I have three Thanksgiving wishes for Jenny...

1. Sleep.

Jenny is feeling better now that she has gotten a little more sleep, though last night she didn't get as much as she would have liked. She says she has been sleeping better overall, though, and that it has been AMAZING.

2. A hearty appetite.

A friend is bringing Jenny Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow (thank you, MM!). The doctors tell her she is malnourished and she tells them that she's eating as much as she can. Hopefully she can follow the American tradition and chow down tomorrow.

3. Her own bed.

Jenny told me that they may release her at the end of next week (or sometime near then), so I'm adding that to my prayers and hope you all do the same!

Happy Thanksgiving, Jenny!
We are all grateful for you.

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Arian Goodman Johnson said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Jenny! Hope you feel better today than you have in a long time. Sending lots of love from CA!