Thursday, February 03, 2011

Move over, Barry Bonds

On certain chemo and blood transfusion days, depending on the drug, I also receive a pre-med of steroids to prevent an allergic reaction (which believe me, are NOT fun although they ARE memorable). For some reason, Tuesday's steroid treatment totally pumped me up. I had energy, an appetite, rosy cheeks, and a racing heart to last me through the next couple of days. I answered emails. cleaned a little bit, ate a LOT, and attended a very productive ward council meeting last night.

Good news: my white blood cell count went from 0.3 on Monday to 6 yesterday! Which means no neupogen shot today! No more aching bones! for now!

Bad news: lack of appetite and nausea is back. I didn't want to get out of bed today. Did you know that chemo also causes lots of burping and heart burn? Oh my heart. It burns. And last night by the end of the meeting, my hands turned into claw hands and wouldn't unclench. I couldn't even turn on my lamp. Dang neuropathy.

Good news: tomorrow is my last day of chemo this round.

Better news: Debbie is coming this weekend. Oh my goodness. I can't wait.


jlj said...

HORRAY FOR LAST DAYS! prayers for lighter loads love.

M said...

Hooray for white blood cells! And chemo breaks! And friends visiting for the weekend! YAY for you!!

Laurel said...

yay for Debbie coming!
yay for last rounds!
yay for white blood counts!
YAY FOR BARRY BONDS! (i've never said that sentiment before)

YAY for the auction in 2 weeks.