Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

And I say, it's all right!

I'm trying to see how many blog posts I can title after songs about sunshine. I have this fascination with the sun. I love the sun! Perhaps it comes from a few years in a basement bedroom with no windows. Now of course I absolutely LOVE the two windows in my bedroom, upon which I hung my most sheer Ikea curtains that let in as much light as possible.

Today Marni and I took a beautiful sunny though chilly walk. We went much further than I've gone in the past. I think that means I'm getting stronger. With a little more energy. Yahoo! Bring on the marathons! (Not really. Please no. Not now. Maybe later.)

Of course just as I feel like my back is recovering from last week's spinal tap, I go again tomorrow morning. I like to think I am going to get this stuff down. At least I'll be friends with all the people at interventional radiology! (especially the ones with the happy drugs)

I decided this morning that even when we don't have control over what's happening to our bodies, we always have some kind of control over the way we care for our bodies. I believe that we have been given a custodianship over our bodies in this life--and regardless of the disease or accident that may befall us, we have a responsibility to care and feed and rest and water these bodies. I am convinced that even with poisonous chemo running through my veins (and spinal sac!), I can eat the proper foods to provide my crazy body with appropriate nutrients, that it may heal and grow proper cells and blood and serve me throughout all my years.

I need this little body. I've got miles to go and I need to make sure I get there intact! Or at least taped together.


Birdie in DC said...

Yay Jenny Reeder!! I love you. And you inspire me, even if I had to eat chocolate hazelnut candy bar today to soothe my emotions-- not my body. I'll do better. We'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

Arian Goodman Johnson said...

Thank you for this post, Jenny! I'm glad you're feeling a little stronger. Praying that tomorrow will go well.

Sarita said...

I've been reading your blog for a short time now, sending good thoughts your way and sharing your journey. I know it's a hard one. I lost my darling husband a few weeks ago to the monster disease you're fighting. Keep fighting, Jenny. Please, keep fighting. I'm rooting for you!

Blondie said...

I love you! You are so right. Now I'm feeling kind of bad about that cheeseburger I had for lunch. :)
(But it was from Ripples. Eating there feels like I'm revisiting my childhood. Sometimes I just can't resist!)
Good luck tomorrow. You are always in my prayers.

Lesli said...

You continue to inspire me to be a better, more disciplined, and more grateful person. Thank you! The prayers continue!

amy smart said...

Yay, yay! So glad to hear you're feeling some extra energy. I wish I was there to walk with you and make green smoothies for you. :)

lots of love!

Louise said...

Just stumbled upon your blog from a link on Amanda's page. Wanted to send my very best and thank you for being so inspiring. Rootin' for ya'!

Laurel said...

ooh...i love this. probably because, while in a different "place" of learning to care for my body, that's still what I'm trying so hard to do.

you are so good. SO GOOD. and you have had such an impact on me these past few months.

okay, past decade+.