Monday, February 21, 2011

Pocketful of Sunshine

Sometimes you have to find your own sunshine on gray, gray President's days.

I think I may have overdone it yesterday, with two whole hours of church (mind you, I had to be on task with the New Move-in class AND conducting Relief Society), a Relief Society presidency meeting, the home teachers coming, and such. But I just felt so good and capable and I handled it all very well.

But this morning when I woke up to gray and the promise of rain, I just wanted to stay in bed. My body wanted to stay in bed. So that's where I am.

Don't worry--every lamp in my room is on and it's bright as sunlight in here.

And double don't worry--I'm about to put in a movie and actually work on my ever-mounting email inbox. After a snack. and maybe a nap. and maybe some girl scout cookies from the Maxwells.


Jennifer said...

Sing with me:

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket...

Laurel said...

i love you jennyreeder.
i really really really love you.


M said...

Good choice!! I wanted to stay in bed this morning too. A movie and some email time and some Girl Scout cookies are a great response to this gray day and the very active, productive day you had yesterday. Thank goodness spring is just a month away!