Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Shout-Outs

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So tomorrow is Valentine's Day.

I used to dread it--I had these crazy ridiculous expectations and I didn't realize that I could choose-my-own-adventure on Valentine's Day.

But this year--and this past week in particular--I've realized that even in the worst of circumstances, we can still choose.

And I choose to shout out to a few things that I have come to love:
  • I love all you dear folks who have so generously donated items and services to the We Love Jenny Auction. It's been really weird and surreal to be on this end of such a venture. I have been amazed at the ingenuity and creativity of the talents of friends and people I don't even know. There is some amazing stuff, here. Check it out!
  • I had no idea when I chose to come to George Mason University for my PhD that I would end up in the most supportive history department in the country. On Friday my adviser visited me in my home with a valentine from the faculty of the department. She and I both cried at the generosity of such wonderful people. Thank you for the financial and the intellectual contribution. And for those of you in the department who asked and wondered, yes, oh yes, I will be back. And you will never regret the decisions to admit me to the program, but to continue me in the program. Mark my word.
  • I value the ability to work. In our house, each roommate takes a weekly turn to clean. I have been relieved of the duty since oh, October, and I'm so grateful to live with clean roommates. Yesterday I cleaned the kitchen. It took me a really long time and I had to take a few breaks and a little nap after, but it's anti-bacterially sound and I feel like I can contribute. And it felt good.
  • After a tiring week--I literally stayed in my house from after Tuesday's appointment through Friday--I ventured out. On my own. I drove to the pharmacy and to Target. And then I came home and took a nap. But there is something about being independent and driving around, something liberating, even if it is only to Target and the pharmacy. And it was sunny. And I loved it.
  • I love modern medicine. Even though it often makes me sick--it also makes me sleep and eases my pain and--I believe, deep down--it will make me better. You just watch out.


Artsy Aut said...

Sometimes Target is the happiest place on Earth. So glad you could get out and enjoy yourself for a bit! Love you!

Arian Goodman Johnson said...

So good to see your determination and spunk shining through as always! Enjoy that kitchen. : )

Happy Valentine's Day! I'll miss setting a place for you at the table tonight. We love you!