Monday, January 31, 2011

Minimize the Damage

One of my favorite lines from the elderly Lady Grantham of Downton Abbey: "When something bad happens, instead of asking why, we need to minimize the damage." Or something to that effect.

For more awesome Lady Grantham lines, see this story.

This needs to be my war cry.

I feel like I've been complaining a lot lately--and I know I have a lot of reason and that it's totally normal to be discouraged and even a little depressed. But I'm tired of it. I'm ready to minimize the damage.

It's like these crazy neupogen shots. The chemo of course kills everything, and the neupogen stokes up my bone marrow. But lately the aching of my bones has become much, much worse. Like it hurts to stand up. Tylenol helps for about an hour or two, but then sometimes some of the chemo affects my liver and I can't take tylenol.

But you know what helps? A sweet friend dropped off a heated mattress pad. Oh it is heaven for these aching bones. Minimize the damage.

And you know what else helps? 2 more days of chemo this round--tomorrow and Friday, with neupogen shots every day until my white blood cell count gets to 5 (today was 0.7). There's an end in site. Just get the darn thing done with. Minimize the damage.

And Coke Slurpees. Oh I love them. Thank you Noelle for lighting the way. They settle my stomach and it's so much easier to eat cold icy than warm spicy. Minimize the damage.


Jennifer said...

i love you!

a lot.

M said...

I love it! What a great motto! I'm going to take it on as well. You are a rock star, Jenny!!

leeannghajar said...

I love Jenny Reeder. I know her though George Mason University. I've worked with her and collaborated on work projects; talked with her a lot; shared experiences with her; I'm part of her dissertation group; gossiped (YES) with her; had a chance to meet her mother--a bunch of stuff over the last four years or so.

I love dichotomies between us: I'm liberal in places where Jenny might appear conservative; I'm boxed into places where Jenny refuses to see fences; I'm reticent where Jenny is transparent; I'm chronologically kind of advanced--Jenny isn't.

And Jenny never lets our differences matter. She's on my desert island list of people I'd like to be around always. She's rare and she's a keeper.

So thank you, Jenny, for keeping people like me in touch. Thank you, Jenny's close friends, for letting all of us help out how and when we can.