Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Ways To Help

This is so much fun to sneak on as a guest blogger again.  Okay, I didn't sneak, I really did ask permission.  :)  I told Jenny when she began blogging again that I was selfishly disappointed because I enjoyed the few times that I was able to check in with her and guest blog on this amazing blog of hers.  But really I am so happy that she is already feeling up to blogging for herself again, because I love hearing her strong spirit in her posts!  Jenny, we love you and appreciate the wisdom and strength you share with us!

Okay, so for the real reason I get to sneak on here again . . . Jenny continues to need a lot of help with rides, meals, and visits to check in on how she's doing.  (That girl has quite the schedule now of DAILY appointments!  And no breaks for holidays!)  In order to coordinate this effort, we have set up an online network which has a calendar and list of needs that we continually add to.  If you live in the area or are visiting and would like to be a part of this online network, please join by sending an email to welovejennyreeder (at) and let us know how you know Jenny and we will give you the information to join the network.  By joining this online network, you are not committing to service events, it just gives you a chance to see the opportunities and decide whether you would be able to participate.  Jenny and all of us thank so many of you who have been so helpful to Jenny while she was in the hospital and now that she is home.

Thank you!
The Crystal City Ward Relief Society Compassionate Service Committee

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