Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chemo, Schmemo

Here is a list of things I am grateful for after a very long day of chemo (try 7 hours):
  • I can do chemo as an outpatient. Do you realize what this means? I CAN COME HOME. And here I am.
  • I am grateful that on long days, if I get there early enough, I can get a little room with a bed. Not just a recliner in the general infusion areas.
  • Which is good... especially because one of my chemos today has major effects on my bladder, so they had to give me like 3 other drugs to protect my bladder, which meant a serious need to go to the bathroom like every 15 minutes. You all who know me well know how well that works (yeah, I'm talking about you, LH. In front of Blair House.).
  • NS. Period. She picked me up this morning, and after we found out it would be 7 hours, she went to my house to get my quilt (I was FREEZING! Zofran always does that to me!) and my laptop and some Panera soup yumminess, then came back to pick me up in between carpooling her children all over town. Bless her.
  • I love a good, organized, slightly OCD nurse. Love her/him. I had a great nurse today, and I met the nurse supervisor who does all the scheduling, who answered ALL my questions and warned me that she would be changing things up a little when she knows it'll make me sick (shot vs. IV). Plus she's the one behind color coordinating my schedule. And she cleared things up with some scheduled shots that I do NOT need and some pills that I DO need. You really have to stay on top of things.
  • Whenever my oncologist is around, he always stops by to see me and answer any questions. I have an appointment with him on Thursday, when we'll get the results from my spinal tap. Pray for no leukemia in my brain. That means trouble plus more spinal taps.
  • I love happy drugs. I had them yesterday with my spinal tap, which I'm convinced is why I survived. I think some of it has carried over today. That said, I'm the world's biggest couch potato. I have no energy. I'm OUT of it. I worried yesterday that my towel rack was crooked. And then I just gave up and took a nap. And watched Househunters International.
  • I love my roommates and friends. Last night I laid flat on my back on my futon. VA came up to watch TV--we found the Sing Off. VA settled in my bed, and then LC came and settled in my bed with her. It was an awesome night. KB came but didn't fit in my bed, so she went home. Really she went home because her husband wanted to have FHE. Tonight DS carried my laundry downstairs so I could do it.
  • And the best? For the next two weeks, the only chemo I need is a shot!!! How fast and easy is that?!?


Julie said...

You are a rockstar!

Liz, in New York said...

Once upon a terrible pregnancy I had to take Zofran and I fell in love with it; I also memorized every episode of House Hunters International ("these spanish tiles are amazing, Lupita!"). I just needed to say that so I could connect with you, my dear friend. If I lived a little closer I would come and recite vocabulary words from Mr. Burton to you, like "loquacious" and "corpulent."

All of that is to say, you are awesome. You are brave. And we love you!

Jennifer said...

Oh! I love your pink blog. Pretty! AND hearing your voice today. Best thing in AGES! You totally are reminding me of Kathy. Keep thinking of her. I'll be on the look out for some anti-depressant sun glasses. They're pretty easy to come by these days seeing as how they are in style. :) love you!

Brooke and Ben said...

Dear Jenny the Garzoid,

I have missed you. I am praying for you. I thought you were my long lost friend...until the beautiful danwell (Danielle M.) showed me the way to your blog. Prayers are strong things. I am so glad you have so many. Thank you for your example. Your Garzoid friend in Utah,
Brooke Reeves Kamalu

Brooke and Ben said...

P.S. I love you.

M said...

Horray for blessings!

Barbara said...

I finally made myself Google-official so I can write to you on your blogspot instead of through email.

I have some new mantras to suggest: "KEEP CHOCOLATE and CARRY ON!" or how about "KEEP CALM and CARRY CHOCOLATE!" I'm eating chocolate chips right now as I follow your and my dad's progress. You both are so brave! You both are my heroes!

Went to the temple for initiatories today and felt like I got my brain back. Will your doctors let you go there yet? Either way, what a source of spiritual strength the temple is. Your name is on the prayer rolls of the Oqquirh Mountain temple.

And the names "Dad" and "Jenny" are constantly on the scrolls of my heart.

Kelly said...

I love how informational you are! I'm learning so much, and I'm praying extra hard for you today. Hang in there. Sounds like you have some really great friends helping that love you a ton.

Emily said...

Molte belle cose to you, Jenny! No one is more deserving. Hooray for just a shot!