Friday, January 21, 2011

A few letters

Dear Methodist Church on Glebe and 16th,

I am so sorry. Your parking lot was the only available place--much better than poor dear Marni's car. I hope you can have compassion.

Dear Marni,

I'm so so so sorry. You were so sweet. Thank you.

Dear Lost Dog Cafe,

I still love your food. I just couldn't keep it down today.

Dear Ara-C,

I don't love you. I'm extremely happy to be done with you. You pretty much kill cancer (which is FINE by me) but you also kill the lining of my stomach. And it's not pretty. I know I will see another two weeks of you later in my next round (oh help), but I'm so so so glad to see you go for now. Peace out yo.


Lesli said...

Sounds like a not too fun ride you and Marni had! Hang in there. This will get better. Thinking of you always.

M said...

Dear Jenny,

You are so welcome. You also don't need to apologize. My car is fine and now smells like fresh citrus cleaning wipes. It needed a good rub-down anyway (seriously). The Methodists would understand.


Laura said...

Oh dear Jenny. You make me laugh. Even when you're talking about cancer. You're amazing.