Monday, January 03, 2011

we heart the carlyle

thanks to jenny i, janiece (the one who can't take a photo with her eyes open to save her life these days), get to contribute a bit tonight for the first time. jessica and i have been here since friday and we are loving our time with jenny. we had a fabulous low-key NYE with zpizza, virgina's lovely array of chips and dips, and jenny stayed up until midnight. saturday i attempted a re-creation of the liege waffles from bruges (only 5 million calories a piece). we all witnessed the wig's coming out day and jenny's beautiful lesson on sunday; and topped off sunday with jessica's fabulous island pork with coconut rice and a lovely group of friends. after a lot of organizing, the hospital for a shot, and a first-rate nap today, jenny felt good enough to go out. so we had dinner at the carlyle and jenny drove! it was jenny's first drive so i had to document a bit (to mauri's chagrin). jenny's neuropathy in her feet has subsided a bit and she chauffeured us to the carlyle brilliantly (that is without running into any stray roadsigns or people despite the temptation of points she would earn with a free-pass excuse). at the carlyle jenny had chicken palliard with roasted red peppers, mushrooms, angel hair pasta and this amazing brown butter sauce...mmm....even if she had to pick out the arugula. the wig lasted just until we got back into the car when she donned a much warmer scarf. and now we're capping off the night with the second half of north & south (the british one, not the civil war one).

we love jennyreeder!

p.s. if jenny looks a little shiney in the last photo this is not a side effect of the chemo....she was all lathered up with her super moisturizer.


Julie said...

yay Jenny! Did you teach via skype? or did you go to church? The Bradys have been leveled with a vicious cold/flu and it is not pretty, otherwise i would have stopped by to chat, plus i need to bring those books back and get the third one. love you

Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

I am wild for the new do. My hair looks totally crazy all the time. You'll have to give me wig tips. I want to look fantastique too.

Laurel said...

this post make me SO happy! and Reeder...seriously. LOVE the look.

I might heart the carlyle too but mostly I heart YOU.

Barbara said...

Wow Jenny. You look fabulous. Love the new do. Now I want to eat your dinner at the Carlisle.

The Wyler Family said...

yay! you look so good!

amy smart said...

I love the new 'do too! You look beautiful, JR, with or with out hair. Thanks to all of you nice friends for taking care of our Jenny. I wish I could have joined you for the second half of N & S.

Stay strong JR!