Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Small Details

As I wandered around Springfield last week, I reveled in the small delights of the Midwest. Here are some random detailed images:A charming view from within the upper chamber of the Old state Capitol. I loved the wavy light through the window.

And the peonies! Oh I love peonies!

I love the practice of opening my eyes and seeing. There's an art to finding value. Sometimes it takes looking up or finding a new angle. Sometimes it means cropping out. Sometimes it means a new perspective.
We stumbled upon this antique store located in an old car dealership. The building was fantastic--big display windows, a beautiful cathedral ceiling with a choir-type loft upstairs, all filled with stained glass and European hutches.

The Dana-Thomas home was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I loved the straight lines, the organic detail, the windows, the colors, the different levels, the thought and care of light and nature. There was a fountain inside the inner court, a bowling alley downstairs, an incredible library, everything built-in and functional. Oh I loved it.


Laurel said...

i LOVE springfield.
everyone should go.

Kim R. said...

Jenny! I ran into Laurel a few months ago and she gave me your blog address. I was so excited to find you. (Did you know you were lost? JK :)) It is so good to see that you are doing well. I am excited to blog stock you :). I often wonder and think about my friends from Provo...