Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Phone Call

How many of you out there remember that movie, The Phone Call? The one filmed at Ripples Drive-Thru on Canyon Road? Where the guy keeps waiting for the phone call... or is it the old lady waiting for a letter in her big mailbox, or the Cipher in the Snow? I get them all mixed up. And then there's the Award. Remember that one?

I loved my Tuesday this week. I have a kind of big event coming up this weekend and it's been sort of boiling away in my tummy for a while. All that nervous anticipation and trying to squash expectation and having no clue what is going to happen. Well on Tuesday it started with a phone call from my dear friend Laurel asking if she could go to lunch with me. Not really possible since she was in Salt Lake City and I was in Fairfax, Virginia at the noon hour. But she talked me through some stuff and told me how much she loves me and that was that.

Then Barbara called. She thought my weekend was last weekend and wanted to hear all about it, but since it's this weekend and we'll both be in Springfield, IL for a conference next weekend, we decided to do breakfast together in the Land of Lincoln.

If you were driving along a country road in Ireland, wouldn't you want to stop and make a call just because you saw this phone booth? I think it would have to be a delightful call. And the thought of a phone booth in Ireland reminds me of that grouchy wheelchair lady in Waking Ned Devine whose phone booth gets knocked off the cliff. I love that scene. I love that movie.

Then Janiece to arrange our hotel for Springfield. Then Mauri. Then Shireen to schedule a time to go get a pedicure with me. Then Marni on a walk. The list goes on and on. Jen & Diedra planning a birthday BBQ on Sunday. Lauren inviting me to dinner on Monday. That's a whole lot of really great phone calls.

(Ok, some of those were emails, but they didn't have email back in the day of the BYU Motion Picture Studio movie of the Phone Call, although isn't an email from a friend similar to a letter in the mailbox for that little lonely grandmother?)

The point is, there is nothing like a good phone call. Even if it's just a quick check-in, or a voice mail. Admit it--you'll save a good voice mail. It's so fun to listen to over and over. There's nothing like hearing a voice say your name and say his/her name and connect in some way. And there's nothing like a nice, long, late conversation where you can laugh or cry, tell hilarious stories, describe your day's experience, share, over the magical line.


Laurel said...

a.) I LOVE those old BYU movies.
b.) (you forgot "The Mailbox")
c.) THANK YOU for sending that talk. I'm devouring it.
d.) I adore you
e.) you wear those red peep-toe patent leather shoes like you were born to.


M said...

Oh yes, so true. And I agree that an email today is the equivalent of a phone call or paper letter in the days when those films were made. Others reaching out to you via any medium(unless they're bill collectors) is always delightful.

The Wyler Family said...

i love those movies too! thanks for the phone call the other night. it was fun to hear your voice. we need to talk again soon.

oh, i totally save voice mails. i have one on my phone right now from my dad. i don't think i'll be deleting it anytime soon. :)