Friday, May 15, 2009

Fancy Schmancy

Sometimes it is REALLY fun to get a special invitation at the last minute--to get all dressed up in a swanky dress, find a great date, and go to the shi-shi Metropolitan Club in DC for a dinner event. And when the doorman asks how he can help you, he directs you right up the grand staircase and to the left, to a wood-paneled room, fine art on the walls, darkly lit, for a pre-dinner reception.

Even more fun is when the event is for the National Bible Association, and you sit at the same table as a retired ambassador to the Vatican, and you hear the Senate Chaplin and the House Chaplin offer prayers, and you hear from this year's recipients of the Congressional Awards.

So it may not be the White House Correspondents Dinner (go Jill with you and all your celebrity conversations and pictures!), or TOFW, or Hawaii or Europe or the wilds of the world, but it was pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

SO cool! I would love to attend something like that? Did you learn anything new and interesting that made you think??

Paul and Mari said...

That sounds so exciting!

Laurel said...

more than pretty cool.