Wednesday, May 06, 2009


National Arboretum--Azalea Walk.
Holy cow--if you've never been during azalea season, you've got to see it. All the vibrant blooms you ever imagined.

align, v.

1. To range, place, or lay in a line; to bring into line.
3. To bring two or more points into a straight line; spec. said of bringing the ‘sights’ of a rifle into line with the mark, so as to aim straight.

I love those moments when things just fall into place. There are times when they fall into place naturally--like it's all about timing and it's just a matter of being patient. That process of time. Like spring finally coming, or the clouds parting for a moment, or even rain pouring down and washing all the pollen away. That fortuitous break that you recognize is completely out of your hands.

But there are also times when you work really hard to make things fall into place. You physically move mountains (And yes, sometimes--many times--most times--you are magnified by some higher power to move those mountains). There is a sense of accomplishment when you have stretched and sweated (is that a word?) and squeezed to achieve alignment.

I have a new dissertation adviser. And I cannot say how incredibly delighted I am. She thinks my ideas are great and has this great sense of expediency--she knows which hoops are important and which ones simply require the need to jump. She wants me to move forward. She is aligned with me, with my abilities, and with my goals. No longer do I feel blocked. This week I presented my prospectus and I'm finalizing the details of my committee. Then it's off to my pesky field statements and off I march to advance to candidacy. And then I can actually write my dissertation.

I also love this alignment with people. I'm a huge believer in reconciliation--as posted previously. There is a huge sense of relief when we can be on the same page. I experienced this alignment twice on Monday--and I love how it lightened my heart and put a skip back into my step.

But I also think alignment comes from deep within me. When I am in line with my goals, with my mission, with my plan. When my actions are consistent with what I want to have happen. When I aim straight. I'm on my way.


Birdie in DC said...

Yay! I am glad that you have a good thesis adviser. That will make all the difference. I really like the concept of alignment as well. And I have felt a bit out of alignment recently, and your post helps me articulate my feelings.

JJ said... sad I had to miss such a beautiful walk! Great post!