Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Goodbye, Doxorubicin

Yesterday I bid farewell to my last dose of doxorubicin, the red poison.

Six doses over seven months

A quick push-infusion

You prevent cell division by binding to my DNA to prevent cancer replication

And yet...

You kill my hair, you cause mouth sores, you make me oh so tired.

And you make me cough. A LOT. I can't stop.

Go in peace. And don't come back.

Here's to 17 more months of doxorubicin-free chemo treatments. And hair growing back. CURLY.


Laurel said...

here's to curly hair indeed!

Meggen said...

Hallelujah to that! Can't wait to see the curls! ;o) Love you!

Julie said...

woot woot!

Marian said...

I love your curly hair!

Lesli said...

What a great thing to check off your list! Hang in there as you continue to push through. And congrats on getting so much done lately. One victory after another. Love you so!

M said...

Wooo hoooo!! Good riddance to that icky drug and bring on the hair!

Jimmy & Michelle said...

You don't know me, but I'm married to Laurel's cousin. I too am currently battling cancer. I love your blog. I added it to my blog (I hope you don't mind). Keep up the fight! You obviously have a lot of people pulling for you and now you have some more.