Sunday, October 22, 2006

Yesterday I went running along the Washington Mall. I must say, it was a glorious fall day. I had actually just signed up for a membership at Gold's Gym and though quite excited at the possibilities of a new exercise regime, I could not pass up a crisp sunny afternoon run. I started at the Lincoln Memorial, past the World War II memorial, the Washington Monument, then up around the Capitol, past the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court. I ran past the White House on the way back down the Mall. The air was crisp, the sun was shinging, the leaves were just starting to turn yellow, and there were tourists everywhere. It's sort of fun to dodge through the strollers and old women tour guides holding up umbrellas and talking as loud as they can about the Supreme Court--I feel like I'm a local and that I own this turf, and I welcome people to come exprience it for themselves.

I finished planting my 200 bulbs yesterday morning. I filled every pot and planter I could find, and crowded bulbs in front. I love the feel of dirt in my fingernails and the nurture and hope of blooms come spring. And I defy any squirrel who thinks my tulips and crocuses are his dinner.

On the food front: great dinner at Viridian in the District. There is nothing like a good blackened trout on fennel. And the summer squash pastry appetizers were excellent. Not so much a fan of the pipe dream beet-orange-goat cheese concoction, but it was well worth the adventure. I loved walking the streets of DC last night, smelling the autumn air and seeing all the great row hosues. I miss living in the City.

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