Monday, March 07, 2011

How to Get Out of Bed

So I'm getting crazy chemo headaches--the kind where I go into a tailspin when my head changes location--turning, bending, going up or down stairs. Tylenol helps, but it doesn't last long. Plus, this particular chemo pill that I'm taking causes high liver function, which also creates problems with Tylenol. Boo.

Last night I thought I'd just sleep through my headache. Not so. I was in and out of sleep for a couple of hours, and every time I moved my body, the pain in my head sort of reverberated in waves throughout my body. So around 3 am, I forced myself up (knowing the movement would be more tailspin) to take some stronger Tylenol.

When I woke up this morning, I did not want to get out of bed. Or move. I was afraid to, actually. I thought I might just stay in bed all day. After all, I may have overdone it yesterday with three full hours plus of church yesterday as well as another Relief Society visit in the evening. I was pretty ok with reading my new favorite book (The Hiding Place--I swear I read it years ago but I do not remember anything. And I love it. LOVE it.).

Let me just say a couple of things got me out of bed this morning:
  • A sweet email from Sara, who wanted to come visit later. We had a GREAT walk in the sun (and fully loaded on Tylenol).
  • A phone call from my oncologist's billing office. After filling out a bunch of forms and providing them with information about my awesome current financial status, they decided to overwrite my entire bill. I owe them $0! Oh my gosh! I told Vanessa on the phone (we've become friends over the months) that she just gave me a reason to get out of bed. She said, "You get out of bed, girl! You gotta celebrate!" Now... if my other peeps and providers can be as generous...
  • Lunch with Jen, my fellow PICC-line day-club friend. Her visit got me in the shower and made my bed AND emptied the dishwasher. We had salad and sandwiches. And a great visit.
  • A phone call from Jana Banana Cherry Hairy Pitts, one of my dearest junior high/high school friends. Oh she makes me laugh.
One day more!


Boyd Family said...

You just know how to have a magnificent attitude even on the crappiest of crappy days! Ti voglio tanto bene. I also want you to know that I have faithfully passed on using lids for plates as a family tradition. My 4 yr old and 2 yr old poured animal crackers right into the lid and used it as their plate!! Forza Ridere!!!!

Emily said...

You are my hero, Jenny. And so is Vanessa from your oncologist's billing office. Yea!

Julie said...

So sorry about the headaches, but that is fantastic news from your oncologist, our prayers are heard!

Andrew & Vanessa and kids said...

Hooray for a CLEAR bill! I'm reading Hiding Place right now too! I wish I was the "Vanessa" that cleared your bill, but this Vanessa sure loves you just the same!

The Wyler Family said...

so sorry about the headaches! so happy about the news from your oncologist! that is amazing!!!! you have such a great attitude. inspiring, to say the least. i love you all the days!

Marian said...

I love reasons to get out of bed! I am so glad you have a new reason to keep going for one more day!