Monday, June 30, 2008

I feel so loved...

It's amazing how when your little heart gets ripped out that you can feel such abundant love. I must say that I am so grateful for so many people:
  • Marni, who skipped class tonight to take me to get a pedicure (and for the very bright, deep red and the cutest Vietnamese woman who was so kind and sweet with my feet and told me all about her mother and her daughters), and then to walk to Shirlington for a delightful dinner. She knew exactly what to say and how to make me feel strong and good.
  • Ken, who completely accepted my emotion on the ride to work this morning, and who put his arm around me.
  • Jessica, who helps me get out of the house, and who feeds me and buys me ice cream and is the master communicator and is ok with me being me.
  • Janae, who makes me go to the pool with her in the middle of the day.
  • Jenn and Suzanne, who drive all over Virginia with me to find the ward campout--and who don't complain when I'm navigating and I don't get the drive 5.6 miles but turn first into the Prince William Park part. They dealt with the mosquitoes and humidity and were more than happy to buy dinner at Panera rather than be heroic and make tin foil dinners (do not tell my mother). Jenn who makes me get out of bed after my sacred Sunday nap, even when I want to stay in that little dark bedroom forever more, and Suzanne, who surprises me with a call to the Medicine Man, who helps me find light and feel strong.
  • Josh, who didn't even know he was getting me out of the house on Saturday afternoon by meeting me at the American Folklife festival. Even though it was ridiculously hot and humid, it was much better to be exploring the temple of Bhutan on the National Mall than the alternative (I don't know what the alternative is).
  • Michelle, who hugs me and tells me funny stories and sits by me.
  • Lindi, who distracts me with her darling daughter London during sacrament meeting.
  • Little Kim, who tells me "the h#($ with W.W.J.D." and that she wants me to be her sister-wife so we can be eternal companions (a little scary and in no way am I really considering polygamy, but it's all about the thought, people). She can always make me laugh, whether it's in Foggia, Italy, or Yuba City, California, or wherever.
  • Stace, who calls me and emails me several times a day, who validates my feelings and loves me and reminds me of who I am.
  • Ben, who calls me from the Grand Canyon because he wanted to know how I'm doing.
  • Julie, who knows how to talk smack and will be the most fiercely loyal visiting teaching companion that ever walked the earth.
  • Jen, who calls me from Chicago or Boise or wherever she was just to tell me she loves me.
  • Lee Ann, who has dreams about me.
  • Kyle, who kissed me on the cheek twice and told me how much he loves me.
  • Jen, who sent me a great email and wants to go to the pool sometime this week with me.
  • JBrink, who reminds me to take care of me.
  • Lisa, who wants me to run the Salt Lake marathon with her next spring.
The great thing is that this list could go on and on and on. How do you ever feel so inundated when you feel so empty? I don't know, but I'm so glad it works that way.

And the other great news: I'm thinking about running another marathon. I need something to fill me up right now and I am itching to hit the road. Let me get my feet moving, my muscles pounding, my heart beating in an entirely different way, and I'll find the strength to run the miles that stretch ahead of me. I'm thinking Baltimore or Richmond. Any ideas?


Laurel said...

I so wish I was connected enough to your life right now to make your list.
Just know that the emptiness gets does.

I love you, Jenny Reeder. I STILL want to be you when I grow up. That will never change.

The Wyler Family said...

i love you all the days! it was wonderful talking to you this morning. it always is. be good to yourself.

Laurie, the girls & Scott said...

I heart Jenny Reeder.

Anonymous said...

I can only guess what is going on cause I just don't know. I'm thinking of you!! Come run the St George marathon in October!

Jennifer said...

Run Jenny Run! (I could've said Forest and trust me that it is in my very best so'then accent) Remind you of some old FHE days? Oh I just couldn't resist. I love the marathon idea for 100 different reasons.


Just kidding. I won't list them all here. Just know I'm still praying. Still lovin' you.

Be good to yourself.

Jennifer said...

And my goodness you have a lot of Jen's in your life!

Rosander said...

I don't know what is going on, but know I love you and hope it gets better. Sometimes it take a while, but I'm amazed that it really always does get better.

JJ said...

The drive through VA was totally worth it: 1) Quality time with Jenny and Suzanne 2) To see a real-life classic hill-billy shack and smoke house! You are the best Jenny!

D'Arcy said...

Love and understanding coming your way Miss Jenny!!