Saturday, March 29, 2008


I did it again yesterday. I was almost all the way to the Pentagon on 395 when I remembered that I forgot something vital to the day's excursion. So I got off at Pentagon City, did a u-turn, and got right back on 395 back to my house.

Thank goodness I remembered at that point, because where do you a do u-turn after that last exit before the district without crossing Memorial Bridge or 14th St. bridge, or going through Arlington Cemetery to turn around? I mean, really, thank goodness for the u-turn possibilities in Pentagon City.

Those of you who know me well know that I'm not afraid of making u-turns while driving. I try so hard to follow mapquest directions perfectly, but I often go too far--or not far enough--and inevitably I have to turn around. Just ask Janell, who actually wrote about our little adventure on her blog. Or Brad, who thinks I'm a horrible person because sometimes I disobey those pesky No U-Turn signs. For the love.

And thank goodness for u-turns in general in life. So often I am in such a big hurry to get through my never-ending list, or to accomplish the impossible for the day. So often I'm in such a rush that I forget to slow down and enjoy the journey, or realize I've forgotten something important, or, worse yet, acknowledge that I'm simply going in the wrong direction. Thank goodness for those gentle reminders, for the views along the way, for the very possibility of doing u-turns, of changing direction, of recognizing my mistakes and forgetfulness and realizing alternative modes. And thank goodness, really, for all the options to arrive somewhere... really, I'm on my way.

Yesterday I was rushing to the archives at Catholic University. As I quickly walked into the library, I turned around to look behind me and abruptly did another little u-turn, just to capture the view of the basilica framed by pink blossoms. What a view! Thank goodness for u-turns!


Laurel said...

I'm a huge fan of the U-turn and make them even when there is a sign prohibitting them. Don't point in delaying the turn if there is an opening in the road.

I knew I liked you...

Jennifer said...

Reminds me of that president movie where she says she got stuck on Dupont Circle. Strange memory, I suppose. Great post though.

Lael said...

5-year-old Gabe asked me the other day why I drive so dizzy, and daddy doesn't. I love u-turns. I took him on a little dirt-road adventure last week, and he started crying, and said, "Take me home before we get really lost!"

Janell said...

Ha-ha! I love U-Turns! My Mom, Cami and I actually got REALLY lost right around the Pentagon on our way back to the Dulles airport. We just wanted to see Iwo Jima and ended up going around and around and around. We finally asked the security guards for help because we figured we should let them know we were lost. I'm sure we started looking suspicious!