Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Color

Last weekend I went shopping and came home with what I thought were some great buys--a khaki jacket, a tan linen shirt, a creamy blazer, a navy blue sweater, and a white shirt with lemon yellow stripes. Jessica took one look at me and told me I needed more color in my life. While I enjoy the safety of my blacks and browns and beiges, I agree--we all need more color.

I love Easter color. I love the way spring brings color to a drab winter--and I love that yellow is a big early spring color. I love that the freeways here are loaded with daffodils along the shoulders. You have to hand it to the little suckers--they must be a hardy flower they way they can survive all the early spring cold snaps. Last week we had a lot of strong winds and my daffodils were all sort of blown down; they looked completely defeated. With slightly warmer temperatures and no wind, they're starting to stand back up again.

One of my favorite things about our Easter dinner this year was that we all put on African shirts: bright blues and yellows, reds and oranges. I'm dying that I didn't have a camera there. I arrived at Kendall's and found Kendall, Gayla, and Dioubate all decked out in their colorful African wares, and Kendall offered me a choice from several other shirts in his closet. I picked a deep indigo piece from Guinea. As our other friends arrived, I made them all pick a shirt to wear. It was great--and I really think we underestimate color. I love that I have so much to learn and that life sort of hands out these kinds of eye-opening, color-inspiring experiences. I need to break free from my usual boring pattern and embrace color. Bring it on!

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The Wyler Family said...

you also need to carry a camera around so we can embrace you and all your colorfulness!!! :)