Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's all about perspective. This morning in my yoga class, I saw myself in the mirror in a new angle and was horrified. My downward dog looks so clumsy and awkward! All this time I thought I was smoothly gliding through my sun salutations, but as I peeked behind me between my legs, I realized that my knees are totally bent inward and my back makes more of a table than a nice inverted angle. I tried and tried to belly in, but my body just wouldn't slide into it like everyone around me. And I think my butt is crooked. I swear--I've never noticed so many weird angles where it should have been straight... It was all a bit disconcerting, and the stretch felt awkward and almost painfully weak.

But then a little later with a shift to the side, I caught myself in a very beautiful reverse triangle. I was in form, in line, everything going the right direction--you could have fit me between two glass walls just like the yoga instructor always says. Suddenly I was strong and capable and graceful. That's the perspective I want to keep with me.

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