Friday, January 19, 2007

I had the most divine meal in New York City last Saturday night. I was in town with a friend and her dad and sister, so we went all out.

Appetizers: butternut squash dumplings and edamame dumplings, spring rolls with ginger mustard and plum sauce, and wan tons.

Rice: vegetable rice with coconut curry foam (and pineapple!).

Vegetable: sugar snap peas with carmelized mushrooms.

Entrees: Kung Pao chicken with apple, shrimp and lobster chow fun with noodles, and the most amazing filet sirloin with wanton potatoes (hello--a cup of Lays potato chips, I swear) and butter garlic soy sauce. I seriously get chills just thinking about it. I have never had beef melt in my mouth like that--I didn't even have to chew! It was amazing.

Dessert: Kaffir lime tart--steamed yuzu souffle, candied citrus, and lemon custard ice cream; and a pumpkin souffle with hazelnut ice cream.

It was amazing. AMAZING. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it--so succulent and full of texture and flavor. My afternoon popcorn snack just doesn't cut it.

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Lael said...

Have you read any Ruth Reichle, former NY Times food critic? She wrote one book about going undercover (literally dressing in costume) so she wouldn't be recognized at NYC restaurants, and another two books about growing up with food, how food is part of her history. I loved her writing, because I love reading about food. I wish I could have been there! We had a four-star restaurant here in Logan, but it went out of business last year. Those fancy-pancy sensual eating experiences are sure fun once-in-a-while!