Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Random memory. Today my colleague and new friend Misha and I have been talking about random memories of food, and I wanted to jot this down so I don't forget it. I remember once when I was probably about nine, I went Christmas shopping with my grandmother. It was just me and GranNomi, and I felt like a million bucks. I don't remember where we went or what we bought (I'm sure it was probably ZCMI at the University Mall), but I remember going home to her house for lunch. She made me a toasted open-faced sandwich with cheese and a hot dog split down the middle in the shape of an X. It was delicious--I'd never had such a creation, and I loved it. But mostly I loved her for spending that time with me, for making me feel so important, and for teaching me to try new things out of her refrigerator. She is always so creative--using what she has. How I love her. This is a picture of her when she was in a school play in Arizona--I think she was Becky in Tom Sawyer.

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Lael said...

Speaking of food memories, have you read "Tender at the Bone" by NY Times food critic Ruth Reichle? (I'm not sure the spelling on that.) I love how food is so much a part of my culture and history too.