Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A couple of weeks ago I drove down to Jamestown and connected with my colonial past (yes, my uncle found a direct line in our family to Pocahontas). It was a beautiful day--blue skies, sun, vibrant fall colors, brisk air. Again... I am in love with Virginia and her trees.

I first stopped at Jamestown Settlement, a living history museum that has reconstructed the Jamestown Fort, port, and Indian village. There were people there in costume demonstrating building log boats, doing laundry, working in a blacksmith shop, skinning a deer, fixing a boat. It was all very cool.

After I left the Jamestown Settlement, I drove out past the cattails, where I stopped at Historic Jamestown--which is the actual location of the fort and New Jamestown, the town that grew out of the fort. Nothing is left of the actual fort (although they have recreated a wall along two sides), but anthropologists have been excavating and they found the foundations of the walls as well as some buildings and wells. The brakish water in the wells preserved things like leather shoes, armor, dishes, weapons. I decided that if I weren't a historian, I would be an anthropologist.

New Jamestown had brick ruins of buildings. Very cool.

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