Sunday, February 14, 2010


Digging out from the Blizzard[s] of 2010 has been a much more lengthy process than I anticipated. Walls of snow line my streets... we're still down to one lane. Last night I drove around my block six times looking for a parking spot. There is plenty of space--but it's filled with crusty, icy snow. Many cars are still snowed in; they didn't even try to dig themselves out.

After being snowed in for over a week, with two free Sundays, we finally had church. Short church. The parking lot, though well plowed, was still full of snow. There's just nowhere to put the darn stuff. So we split into two groups and just had one hour a piece. I can't tell you how great it was to be back with the folks, even just for an hour.

Everyone is hoping for sun. That seems to be the only way to melt this mess. But then we think about the potential flooding problems if it melts too fast. And the other problem with melting is that the water quickly turns to ice at night. It's like a no-win situation. Too much? Too fast? Not enough?

Which sums up how I'm feeling about now. Stuck. Trapped in walls of snow. Bogged down in grant applications--which means I'm not working on my dissertation, but I'm trying to define my dissertation for these proposals, and then I feel like it's undefinable and dumb, and then I get further and further away from it.

So. I'm waiting for sun. And this time I hope it comes quickly and wholly and completely.

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M said...

Yes! Sun!! I'm longing for it too. Spring can't come soon enough.