Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow on snow, snow on snow

It's been called Snowcapolypse, Snowmageddon, the Blizzard of 2010, 2010.2. You name it. The thing is, it really is snow on snow on snow. And I, a lowly Utah native, have never seen anything like this Virginia winter.

This is so old news... back on Saturday when we could find the sidewalk...

The stats:
December 2009 storm--canceled church one Sunday and a day or two of school. Probably 2 feet of snow.
January 30 storm--forecasted to be a dusting but snowed a foot or two. Canceled church and school on Monday.
February 2 storm--2 inches. Delayed start of school the following day.
February 5 storm--35 inches. Federal governement and school closed after 12. Snowed from Friday afternoon through Saturday night. Power out from late Friday night to Saturday night. Temperatures in the single digits. No plowing. Church canceled. School canceled on Monday.
February 9 storm--hasn't stopped yet, but predicted 10-20 inches. Blizzard conditions--winds 45-50 miles per hour. Local news has taken over every channel to report the storm and ask people to stay off the roads, both in cars and walking. Hospitals have requested assistance with 4-wheel drives. School canceled Tuesday and Wednesday, and at this rate, there is no way anything is moving tomorrow.

Overlooking the freeway back on Saturday. This morning on the news they showed the traffic cameras with NO ONE on the 66 or the Capitol Beltway because of whiteout conditions. If you know these freeways and the headache of rush hour, that is pretty trippy.

I've learned a few things about emergency preparedness. I was super excited to pull out my 3 different 72-hour kits on Saturday--I was convinced I had the tools necessary to sit it out. I found all sorts of fun stuff, including packs of macaroni and cheese, cup-a-soup, hot chocolate, and slim jims (I didn't get THAT hungry). I had plenty of food in my shelves and fridge. And water? Well, frankly, I'm SURROUNDED by it. In the pipes and in the snow.

The view outside my front door this morning.

But what I didn't have was a heat source. How does any of this help if you have no way to heat water? Just a question for all you emergency preparedness people. I have loads of hand warmers, but that heat isn't going to boil anything. My mom even suggested I light some charcoal. The biggest question is WHERE. I mean, my back patio now has snow up to my mid chest. So that, my friends, will be my next big purchase: a camping stove. Or a backpacking stove. Seriously.

The view out my back patio, where my mom thought I should whip up some Dutch oven cooking... under the snow that comes up to my mid-chest.

We've had a lot of fun with this storm. We've watched a lot of movies and we've bundled up and walked down to Shirlington for warm food and more movies (I've seen Young Victoria twice now--LOVE that movie). We've played cards. I've cleaned and studied and read and worked on grant applications. I even made a Winter Storm 2010 playlist (with a little IngridMichelson, Lenka, Joshua James, Brandi Carlile, A Fine Frenzy, Sarah McLachlan, Fiona Apple, Simon & Garfunkle--"Hazy Shade of Winter" and even Reo Speedwagon's "Ridin' the Storm Out"--thanks to an old boyfriend's older taste in music). I'm making some yummy Mexican soup tonight and I'm even going to attempt some french bread (hey--I'm trying to learn how to make bread so one day I can get married). We're planning an Olympics opening ceremony party. I tried to convince my roommates to have an Indian Leg Wrestling Championship to no avail. Six days in this house is too long. And there's no end in site.

We guessed these were our cars... and this was last Saturday. We spent hours shoveling. Who knows what they look like today! I haven't driven since last Friday!

But let's face it. I've got cabin fever. I'm going stir crazy. I may resort to skinny-dipping snow angels. Please.Rescue.Me.


Artsy Aut said...

THis is crazy snow. At least you have food. And internet! You should look into the Jet Boil. Its a sweet camp stove thing that boils water in like 2 seconds.

The Wyler Family said...

crazy times!!! i wish i could rescue you right over to my house. we could quilt until spring. keep warm.

JJ said...

I was calling it snowcation, but today...well enough is enough :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Wow! Wow!! That is SO much snow! I hope you figure out a heat source. Stay warm out there!

Lesli said...

Jenny, I love your photos and account what has and hasn't been going on in your life as of late. Crazy stuff, for sure. But you will remember it forever! Love you!

Laurel said...

not gonna lie.
i think it sounds delightful!

(but keep warm. don't die.)