Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm Back.

That's right. I have so many blog post ideas running around in my head after a really really really great trip to England. Just got back late last night and am so tired I can't see straight. Must go to bed.

But first, a funny.

Tonight I was sitting at a Relief Society service auction--the kind where you donate homemade items and acts of service, and then you bid on each other's items based on a point system, based on how much service you've done over the past month or so. No money exchanged. Brilliant idea.
Photos courtesy of Julie's blog...

My good friend Julie was auctioning off a darling stuffed elephant she made and a homemade onesie. The perfect baby gift. I mentioned to my whole table that this was a top item and that I wanted it. The cute young girl sitting next to me looked at me and said, "Well I guess you'd better start having grandkids."
What does that mean? Is she saying something about my age? Do I look that old? I know I need highlights--in fact I had just texted an appointment five minutes before. Does she know that kids have to come before grandkids? Does she not know it would make the greatest gift? Or the greatest stash for my own kids one day?

I sat there for five minutes, trying to decide how I felt about that comment. But then I decided not to think about it. It doesn't make sense. And it's not worth getting offended over a silly little comment, ESPECIALLY at a service auction. Hello. I think I just need to go to bed.

More tomorrow. I promise.


Julie said...


The homestead said...

Don't you remember what it is like to be a tween? Everybody is old. I would just remember this one when you need a good laugh at how clueless young people are.

Laurel said...

SO glad you're back.

and I'm with you...that falls in the "smile & nod" category.


Blondie said...

When I opened my google reader this morning I had the very specific thought "I hope Jenny has written something, her posts always make me smile."
And YAY you didn't disappoint!

Way to take the high road. Life's too short to be offended by the comments of those too young to really have a grasp on the world.

Anonymous said...

Classic. Definitely a keeper for years of story-telling.

Arian Goodman Johnson said...

Jenny, you rock. So glad you're back safe & sound; can't wait to hear about your trip!