Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Bunch of Hot Steam

You've got to hand it to those Romans. They were thinkers. They find a hot spring and they build this ginormous sacred temple and social spot on top. Basically they found a whole town based on this spring--the same town that evolves over years of Roman and British use for different reasons, including our friend Jane Austin and her folks who somehow always spend some time there.
I don't blame them. I love that town. I don't love the difficulty of finding parking (now the whole adventure of driving in merry old England deserves a post all its own), but I love the winding streets and the ways the 18th century British architects used the natural curves to form the Royal Crescent and the Royal Circus.

So there was a sign outside the fenced area inside the Crescent: "No Fly Tipping." Any ideas what that means? Anyone?

So basically, I'm a believer. I believe in building on the landscape you have and in drawing out that hot steam or the dips and curves in the terrain. I believe in utilizing and improvising and creating beauty in the situation.And there's great shopping...

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Stacie said...

Next stop, Puerto Rico?