Friday, March 20, 2009

March Madness

It has started! Yesterday Mauri, Jen, Yvette, and I skipped work and drove through the rain to Philadelphia for the first round of the NCAA championship. We could feel the excitement as we drove into the parking lot (well, I could only feel it in half of my face because I had some darn dental work done previous to embarkation).

We saw BYU play Texas A&M, although they never really showed up for the game. It sort of felt like church ball, bless their hearts. It was fun, though, to be surrounded by BYU fans and to rise and shout. I even saw Brad Jones--a friend from Rock Canyon Elementary School days and seminary council days... ah, the trip down memory lane. The UConn game afterward was much more exciting--even if they beat Chattanoga by (yikes!) 57 points. Those boys can play some ball.

We also stopped for a Philly cheese steak at Gino's... sorry... coulnd't do the Cheese Whiz. I went with provolone...

So many memories of March Madness in years past. I loved watching with Grandad--or calling him to check up on his teams. I loved his opinion. After all, he was known as Buzz Bomb for the University of Arizona NIT championship team back in the day. He knew his ball.

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