Monday, December 22, 2008

Neck and Neck

So this is an old story, but I thought these pictures were grand. Very telling.

I refuse to be a sucker and actually buy pictures of myself during a race. I always smile as I run past the cameras along the route, but then when I actually get the email with pictures, I'm a tiny bit repulsed by my sweaty, tired-looking self. Not cute. And not anything I particularly want to remember. But I couldn't help but capture these ones (note that my free screenshot program expired so I decided to take a picture of my computer screen... nerdy, I know) because put together they tell a grand story.

During the Richmond marathon, I ran past a whole bunch of cameras, and I smiled and tried to look strong at every one. Well, the only pictures they captured with me and my identifying number were at the very end. This first one was probably mile 25. I was so tired. Spent. Done. Resigned to walking across the finish line.But then that finish line flourish kicked in at the very last minute possible. I ran like the wind with all my might. And I totally beat this guy. The picture doesn't lie. Check it out.

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The Wyler Family said...

way to go jenny reeder! fun to see the pics. you're amazing!