Sunday, September 14, 2008

Princess Sierra, or the Joys of Being a Middle Child

Once one kid climbs on, the rest are sure they can, too!

After I posted about Savannah, Sierra wanted her own post, so here she is!

Here are some things I love about Sierra:
  • She loves to help. She is a huge helper. She loves to take care of her little sister Savannah and she is super excited to have a new baby brother. She loves sharing a room with Savannah and they often giggle into the dark hours of the night. Notice how clean Savannah is--that's what happens when you leave me in charge and I feed her macaroni and cheese, watermelon, chocolate milk, and an oreo milkshake. Gotta win best aunt points somehow!
  • She loves beautiful things. On our walk yesterday (in a desperate attempt to put her mother into labor!), we found all sorts of beautiful wild flowers that we picked and brought home for a gorgeous bouquet.
  • Her favorite thing to do with me is the "Bowl Game." We wrote down a whole bunch of really cool things to do on slips of paper and put them in a bowl. We draw them out and do all sorts of things, from washing windows and scrubbing toilets (and boy is she good!) to making cupcakes, (I'm so sorry the frosting did NOT turn out very good. I promise I tried! I even added cream cheese!) and even posting a blog about Sierra!
  • Sierra is beautiful inside and out. She is very sensitive--she cares how other people feel and wants them to be happy. She loves making cards and notes for people and wants them to know she loves them. Here she is at Grant's baseball game.
  • Sierra is active. She loves to go on walks (today she even picked up a worm off the sidewalk and put him in the grass so he wouldn't dry out!), go to dance, and twirl with her sister and brother.


Jennifer said...

middle children are THE best. Absolutely.

Anonymous said...

Yes, middle children ROCK!!