Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hurricane Hanna

It's true. She's alive and thriving, even all the way up here in Washington. I have loved the advance hurricane warning we have received the past few days, with encouragement to stock up on flashlights, batteries, food. A reminder to be prepared. And to meet trouble with a capital H for Hanna head on.

I experienced her firsthand this morning. I ran 17 miles in her preview--I don't think she's even hit northern Virginia yet. But her fury is keeping us informed: she is telling us that she is alive and thriving.

I was alive and thriving this morning, too. There's nothing like running in the rain. At first I dodged the puddles, but then I just ran right through them. My shoes became puddles, and every time my heel hit the ground, the water cushioned the impact. I was soaked through, and yet I felt waterproof. I could even smell fresh hot cinnamon rolls wafting through the torrents as we ran through Old Town Herndon (did you ever believe there really is an Old Town Herndon? How often have you seen that sign on the 267 and wondered how there could be an Old Town in the middle of suburban America with its high rises and business parks? It exists! It's cute and seems to have some great cinnamon rolls).

Thanks go to Ben Bennett for agreeing to run with me outside, saving me from either a very long morning on the treadmill or a give-up altogether. And boy was our conversation rousing--nothing like run-talk. After a quick ice bath (thanks to the great advice of Kyle Sampson on how to avoid cramping) and a delightful hot shower, I'm now esconced in my fuzzy pink socks, dry and ready to hit the books. I feel alive and invigorated (and waiting for the advil to kick in).
My flowers in the rain, drinking in the moisture...
now let's just pray that the basement doesn't flood again!


Rosander said...

Wow! You are one dedicated runner! I remember those days. I do have to tell you I love the rain. the only thing that could be better than you having finished your run, had a hot shower, in your fuzzy pink socks, and waiting for your advil to kick in would be enjoying one of those cinnamon rolls! Well love ya. Good luck with the training.

The Wyler Family said...

way to go jenny reeder! i can't wait to feel that way about running again. i've had little tastes of it... it's coming. :)

Janell said...

17 miles? You're CRAZY!!! ...and I like you! :)