Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shout out to JJ

It was JJ's birthday on the 4th of July. While she suffers from holiday-birthday (and claims to need a support group!), we celebrated in a big way, first under her tutelage with a dinner at the Carlyle, then, without her foreknowledge with a grand surprise party a couple of weeks later. What fun! We waited and waited for her to arrive, and boy was she surprised!

There are so many things I love about dear JJ. One is that she is a good friend. The bait I used to get her to come to my house on a rainy Sunday night (when she is prone to washing her face and going to bed!) was that I needed a friend--that I didn't want to be alone again, and of course she came, as she always does. She calls me often to check in on me, she sends me mysterious packages in the mail with things she knows will bring a smile to my face (have you ever received a jar of fireflies in the mail?!?). She is thoughtful and compassionate.

JJ is an amazing creator. She makes the most creative baby quilts, bags, toys, decorations, and whatever else her brain can concoct with the most beautiful colors and textures. Her eye for design is keen. Not only does she create and graciously gift her creations, but she inspires others to create. I love watching people at church--Amber, Julie, Autumn, Erica--everyone is always so excited to tell JJ about the things they make and to hear her constant praise.

And JJ is always about adventure. We have ventured out to distant places to see cool things: Winterthur, the Luckett Fair (way out in Loudon County), the quilt shop in Fairfax. Plus I love hearing about her adventures in Germany, France, and, of all places, Omaha. You know. That's our Jenn. And boy do we love her and are glad she was born!


JJ said...

Really Jenny, it is all because I have wonderful people like you in my life! And speaking of wonderful, I think we all need to hear about your "major" award!

Kim Tafua said...

Um hello! I didn't know you even had a blog until I started tracking who visited, you know, to make sure no Chester's or Randy's come to visit. I love you very much and I'm hoping that because you're so amazing the firey darts of break-up are easing up a bit.... Mike New York ...whatever # it was!

Jill said...

I love this post and every word you said was true! JJ is wonderful but so are YOU!!