Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ah, the Virtues of Chocolate Shakes

When I was little, I lived next door to my grandparents. Any time I or my little sisters and brothers were sick in any way, my Grandad would bring over a chocolate milkshake from McDonald's and say it was what the doctor ordered. It was magical... that chocolate milkshake would soothe any ailment, from headaches to fevers to sore throats to colds to the flu.

The other day while out and about on Saturday errands, Kendall and I stopped for chocolate milkshakes at McDonald's. Again the magic happened almost instantaneously. Enter thick, cold, chocolate deliciousness, begone cares of the world.

And then there's the wonder of chocolate milk. Almost the same as a milkshake, but a level down on the hierarchy. It'll do in a pinch. I remember one summer working at the Church Archives in Salt Lake City on a very violent, depressing, bloody historical topic. That plus the fact that I had to wear nylons every day was excruciating (and boy, do I have stories about nylons!). Then my friend Jeff introduced me to a magical wonder in the vending machine outside the cafeteria--chocolate cookies and cream milk. I tell you, there's a difference between this and plain old chocolate milk, and it's really great. It would quench me on those long afternoons as I sweltered under the pressures of John D. Lee while wearing nylons in 100 degree-heat.

Today I found myself draining a very full glass of chocolate milk at lunch. It was delightful and completely satisfying. I say there is a tender mercy in chocolate milkshakes and chocolate milk. It's just what the doctor ordered. Or Grandad, for that matter.


Tad Suiter said...

My grandmother and great-grandmother lived next door to me, growing up, actually. I thought I was the only one who grew up with that sweet set-up.

I have to say that I put two things above the chocolate shake in the hierarchy: the choclate malted and the egg cream.

Tad Suiter said...

*that should read the chocolate malted.

Laurel said...

so much for my swearing off chocolate for a while.
You're a good marketer!

Jennifer said...

mmmmmmmm.... that sounds really good. In fact, I was craving choc. milk the other day and immediately thought of you. I may have to go mix me some up. YUM!

Amber Sechrist said...

Your grandpa's wisdom transcends time. Chocolate shakes seem to seep into all of the missing parts. Ummm, ummm!

Janell said...

I think I will have a "virtuous" chocolate shake today ... in your honor, of course! :)