Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rain, rain, and more rain

How do I get myself into the most random, precarious situations? Last Friday I was at work and it started pouring rain. I laughed when my friend mentioned that she hates the rain and she wished it would stop soon. I told her that we really needed the water... grass is dying all over the place around here and they've declared a drought emergency in Maryland.

Those words came back to haunt me. I was supposed to meet my co-workers at Happy Hour at Artie's in Fairfax. They all left a little early, when the rain cleared up a bit, but I wanted to put in a full 8 hours of work. I thought if it was still raining I would grab the old CHNM extra umbrellas in the storage closet and be fine.

Unfortunately, we have a new admin who actually locks the storage closet. And it was raining hard--like crazy--small rivers forming everywhere. I had parked far far away in the student parking lot. And I was wearing a cute little summer skirt and white blouse. I sat in the lobby waiting for the rain to slow down, thinking I didn't really want to go to Happy Hour and pretend like I was having fun with a bunch of tech geeks who were drinking up a storm. Then I got into a conversation with a random lady, who offered me a ride to my car... and yes, friends, I accepted a ride with a stranger. Her name was Tippi, but her real name was Elthenia, because her mother loves names that start with E. She drove a minivan with a bunch of really great shoes sitting in the front seat. And just when I thought she was going to kidnap me and sell me to the gypsies, she actually drove me as close to my car as possible and I jumped out without getting too wet...


Jennifer said...

But it could have been SO fun to be kidnapped and sold to gypsies.... think of the fun you would have!

AND I can totally picture your outfit... so Jenny Reeder!

Glad you're safe, dry and hydrated.

D'Arcy said...

I thought the rain in Spain stayed mainly on the plain? It that a myth?

Tender Mercies said...

So when I was little little, like 3, and we lived in Oregon (which lasted 3 months after my dad graduated from BYU and found out he hated his career field), he took me to the grocery store. There was some lady there with huge hoop earrings and she thought I was really cute and warned Dad that the gypsies might come and take me. She even offered to buy me from him. It seriously freaked me out, and I was scared of gypsies--especially on my mission where they were literally all over the place and stinky!