Sunday, June 05, 2011

Hair Part 2

Who needs to shave your head when you can just shower and fill up the drain with hair?

I'm sorry. It's been a traumatic week, what with hair loss and all.

By Friday I knew... it was time to shave the noggin again. And I went through every single emotion from last time. Again. This time I armed myself with the following verses:

Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father.
But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
Fear ye not therefore, for ye are of more value than many sparrows.
(Matthew 10:29-31)

But there shall not an hair of your head perish.
In your patience, possess your souls.
(Luke 21:18-19)

The soul shall be restored to the body, and the body to the soul; yea, and every limb and joint shall be restored to its body; yea, even a hair of the head shall not be lost; but all things shall be restored to their proper and perfect frame. (Alma 40:23)

And not one hair, neither mote, shall be lost, for it is the workmanship of mine hand. (D&C 29:25)

Stand fast in the work wherewith I have called you, and a hair of your head shall not be lost, and you shall be lifted up at the last day. (D&C 9:14)

Let him trust in me and he shall not be confounded; and a hair of his head shall not fall to the ground unnoticed. (D&C 84:116)

And this one:

Who shall change our vile body, that it may be refashioned like unto his glorious body, according to the working whereby he is able even to subdue all things unto himself. (Phil. 3:21)

This I believe--this unshaken faith and firm hope and conviction in a God who loves me and in a Savior whose resurrection means my body will one day be perfect. And not one hair will be lost down the drain or on my pillow.

The following pictures are not for the faint of heart... but are merely proof of the need to pull out the razor. Thank you Lindi for your mad skillz to clean up my head. Sorry--no after picture. Just know it's awesome. Clean and smooth!

I do love those curls. I hope it grows back in curly!


amy smart said...

I love you Jenny Reeder. This too shall pass. Hang in there.

Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

Amy just said EXACTLY what I was going to say. We all love you, Jenny Reeder. You can do it!

C said...

Love you, too. Praying for you and thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

The "after version" IS fabulous!! You have the most perfectly shaped head!! It was so fun to shop for summer scarves and hats with you. I had the best weekend with you. I love you! And you are my hero! Love a seesta.

Marian said...

Like I said, you are a rock star. Love you!

Lesli said...

I know I don't understand because I haven't been there, but....Think of all the time not having to mess with hair will save! When people comment (who don't know what your are going through), just tell them that hair is overrated. You are one brave little souldier (not misspelled)and I love and admire you greatly. Hugs and more hugs to you.

Maureen said...

Hey, today is going to be over 100 degrees so everyone you come across is going to be totally jealous of your new do! Sorry it's been awhile again.

Meggen said...

You are my hero, Miss Jenny Reeder! I love you, love you, love you!

Liz, in New York said...

Yes, it shall pass, and yes you can do it... and a day will come that your former self may have considered difficult, but your new self will say, "meh, I've lost my hair. twice. I can handle this!"

In the meantime, we love you and pray for you every single day.

Laurel said...

not only CAN you do hard things...
you already have.

can't wait to have you in my head on your mile tomorrow.


Sarita said...

Jenny, I remember this from living through my sweet husband's leukemia battle. Your hair will grow back, on a strong, cancer-free you. We are all praying for you, even those of us you have never met. Stay strong. And your hair will grow back someday...and it will be gorgeous, just like you!

Elisa said...

my first thought on seeing the pictures was, "oh, she's so pretty," and "what lovely hands she has."

Kaedi said...

You are awesome. Thank you for your faith and testimony -- it is so strengthening. Love to you!

Kate @SwimBikeQuilt said...

Probably not what you want to hear, but you are beautiful, with or without hair. Seriously. I wanted to say something today, but, well, I didn't. So I am now.