Friday, April 23, 2010

Bhangra Blowout

Last Friday, Andrea taught ME and I to make Indian food. Of course we stayed up too late to marinade and watch High School Musical 3 and an episode of Alias (season 3, episode 1--was she really gone for 2 years?!?). But all the delicious food and dancing was prelude to this...

Last Saturday, Jamie persuaded Jennifer and I to attend the Bhangra Blowout with her at Constitution Hall. What's that, you ask? Well, only the premier Indian dance festival in the country, of course!

Jamie decked us out in all her Indian garb (it was so hard to choose!), and we headed into the District (there's something about riding the metro dressed up... you get a lot of looks when you wear garb that's obviously not your skins!). I think we were the only Caucasians around. It was a party, I'm telling you--Bollywood at it's finest! Dancing--on the stage AND in the aisles, singing, and I hear the after parties are crazy.
How I LOVE me a good celebration! The music pumped through that auditorium, the colors swinging around, and boy do I want to learn some of those moves. Who knew all of this could come out of the good ol' DAR? I need to go to India one day...

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