Friday, July 31, 2009

Catching Up is Hard to Do

Sometimes I just have nothing to post. Other times I have too much to post. And then most of the time I just have too darn much to do and the thought of posting sends me over the top. That's the truth, friends.

A few random thoughts to tide you over:

  • This morning I saw a couple sitting at the bus stop outside my home. I've seen them once before on an early morning run. They are probably in their mid-50s. She is obviously ready for the work day; he, on the other hand, is there, straight out of bed, with a cup of coffee. And they are holding hands. And deep in conversation. I love it.
  • Last weekend we had a big barbecue for a dear friend who is moving to England. She up and sold her house and most of her possessions, and gave the rest away (I ended up with a delightful cake stand and cover and a lot of cool fabric). What better way to celebrate her than to make her an apron? Even better: I made her an apron out of her old curtains. I felt just like Maria on Sound of Music. Only I added jumbo ric-rac. She wore the apron all throughout the party. That's true friendship.
  • On Monday I went to help this friend load up her moving truck, and while carrying a big box down the stairs, I rolled my ankle. That's right, folks--I totally fell. (My mom would have laughed. She did when I told her about it on the phone. She has a disease--she laughs when she carries large items like a mattress because she will ALWAYS wet her pants, and she laughs when people fall. It's a serious problem). Not good to have a rolled ankle when training for a marathon. HOWEVER, I have tried oh so hard to take good care of it--RICE--Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. So yesterday I actually ran on the treadmill at the gym because I didn't want to get stuck somewhere far away with an injured ankle. It felt fine, until I stopped. Then it HURT. My question is, how do you know how to deal through pain and how to rest? Just a question. It can go much deeper...
  • A little compliment goes a long way. As you may know, I've sort of been struggling with school and feeling a bit anxious. The other day, one of my advisers pulled me aside and told me that another adviser told her that my oral exams were the best she'd ever seen. The BEST. Why she couldn't tell me this bit of information we'll never know. But knowing that has made a HUGE difference in my pressing forward. HUGE. Like Marjorie Hinkley once said, never suppress a compliment.
There. Now onward.


Jennifer said...

Of course THE BEST, silly. It's YOU we're talking about here.

I owe you a phone call.

Artsy Aut said...

No pictures of the apron with jumbo ric rac? Sounds awesome!! Hope your ankle heals soon!!

The homestead said...

Loved your little thoughts. Thanks for sharing.