Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Proud Tax-Paying American

I don't know how this season got away from me. Ok--let's be honest. Of course I know. I'm in school and I also embrace life and love social activities. That's how April 15 has crept upon me.

That and I started doing my taxes a couple of weeks ago. It was late one night and I had a nagging burden hanging over me, so I tried to tackle it. I became very discouraged when I realized that I owed money this year.

How could that be, you may ask? Ask away. I did, too, and found no answers. It's not like I had any kind of sudden salary increase or change of personal profile. I didn't buy a house and thank goodness I didn't suffer in Midwestern floods or tornadoes. None of that. I just lived my life. Even if it is by sale items and coupons (last Friday I spent $20 at Harris Teeter and saved $17!!)

And when it came down to the actual paying, I realized that I had money in my account, that payment was possible. Even if it does stretch me to my next paycheck and rent and stuff.

But more than that, I realized that I am proud to say that I pay my taxes. I contribute. I support my government (although I do not always agree with everything). One day if I'm ever asked to fill a Cabinet post (hmmm.... I don't even know which one I would even want!), I will not have the lurking problem of tax evasion in my file.

There's something refreshing about accountability, about standing up and being counted, about contributing. Too bad the blessings of being a full tax-payer don't necessarily equate with those of paying a full tithe.

And I'm convinced that I had enough to pay my taxes BECAUSE I've been paying my tithing all along...


The Wyler Family said...

so many inspiring posts. i've been away too long. we had to pay a ton this year. bummer!

Anne Steenblik said...

My accountant brother once commented that we have an amazing infrastructure in our country because of our taxes. The roads, the schools, the social programs, the policies -- all because of taxes. After having served a mission abroad, the truth of that statement was made even more clear to me. Thank goodness for taxes!

I miss you . . . but love partaking of your "Tender Mercies"!

Laurel said...

you are so super positive about this. I almost feel guilty attending one of those "tea party" revolutions tomorrow.

Love this.
love YOU.

Paul and Mari said...

I love all of your possitive posts about life. You are inspiring!

Anonymous said...

I have a good tax story this year, too - I got money back ($750 total from both federal and state), which is EXACTLY enough to pay for my portion of getting my car fixed! I took it to the shop today. Phew!