Friday, February 06, 2009

Summer Food in the Dead of Winter

Last week's ice storm and the continuing frigid temperatures have driven me to soups. This week I made chicken tortilla and Italian sausage. Delightful. And I've been downing hot chocolate and marveling in its secret warming powers.

But today is Friday. And I'm tired of winter. I'm tired of warm sweaters and flannel sheets. It's no longer January, but secretly, I'm tired of February. I'm tired of deceptive sun outside on my patio with a temperature of 34.

So I concocted a summer lunch today: toasted wheat bagel with melted provolone cheese, added cream cheese, cherry tomatoes, and avacado. I don't know why that's summer food, but it is. Avacados grow in warm places, right? And those cherry tomatoes were practically garden tomatoes compared to the dreary cheap romas I've been bringing home. It was an excellent combination. All sorts of summer now in my tummy.

Just for that, I'm going to make butter pecan ice cream for Sunday dinner. And I'm dying to try a tangerine coconut cupcake recipe tomorrow.


M said...

Sounds heavenly!! Can't wait for the ice cream on Sunday!

Jennifer said...

You need to come for a visit! It's been in the low 80s. I'm working on my winter tan. AND I could feed you some REAL Mexican food. :-)

Miss you.

The Wyler Family said...

yum! can i come over?